Capital One Journey Student Credit Card Review With Pro And Cons – 15 Points

1. Journey is good card for young students who are establishing credit history. This card is not so rewarding but anyone can go for it to improve his credit history.

2. Capital one journey offers flat rate rewards with bonus for paying on time.



No Annual fee

High Apr

Design for students

Less credit limit

Students can apply with little or no credit history

Late payment fee of up to $39

No foreign transaction fee


Extra rewards for making payment on time


Chance of credit line increase after first five monthly payment ontime.


1% cash back on all purchase with no limit.


3. Reward Rate:

1% cash back on all purchases and pay on time to get a boost to 1.25% cash back

4. Annual Fee:


5. Foreign Transaction Fee:


6. Regular Apr:

26.96% Variable APR

7. Intro Apr:


8. Penalty APR:


9. Introductory Offer:


10. Get Capital One Journey Card:

If you are Student with little to no credit history
If you do not want to pay annual fee
If you are looking for decent credit without much credit history to show.
If you are frequent traveler and want to take advantage of $0 foreign transaction fee
If you want simple cash back card to build credit history.
If you want rewards for spending responsibly.

11. Journey card is not for you if you are looking for rewards or low interest rate.

12. Other Benefits:

Fraud coverage
Know your credit score anytime free.
Car rental insurance
Travel accident insurance
Pick month due date that suits you.

13. Customer Experience:

24/7 customer service?:
Online chat available?:
Google Play Store mobile app rating:
Apple Store mobile app rating:

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