27 Simple Money Saving Tips For Millennials

1. Move back to home or live with roommate.

2. Stop living paycheck to paycheck.
Try to save maximum. Try to save and invest.

3. Invest in 401k.
If you company match, that is free money. 401k also has tax benefits.

4. Reduce your car,travel expense.

5. Get low interest credit card.

6. Cut the expense on luxuries.

7. Try to save 3 month take home pay for emergency fund.

8. Cook at home.

9. Try to avoid starbucks.

10. Invite your friends at your home instead of going out.

11. If you are thinking to buy property make sure you have enough for 20% down payment.

12. Sell your extra cloth,shoe,home decor items.

13. Automate your saving.

14. Stick to the list while buying groceries.

15. Consider investing in 529 plan if you are new parents.

16. Do second job.

17. Use public transportation.

18. Instead of buying books use library card.

19. Complete survey in your spare time. Start a blog or hobby business.

20. Live life for your self not to impress others.

21. Live healthy life.

22. Rent out your car

23. Do not buy the latest gadget.

24. Do freelance.

25. Purchase off season.

26. Save on electricity and do not get pet.

27. Live minimalist lifestyle.

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