10 Tips to Increase Your Credit Card Approval Odds

1. Check your credit card report and credit score.
If you find any error on credit report ask credit bureaus to make it accurate.

2. Improve your credit score by timely payment and utilization of credit.

3. Pay down out standing balance before applying and make sure it shows in your credit reports.

4. Do not close old credit card account or apply for too many new one.

5. Apply for credit card offers that match your eligibility.

6. If you are denied try to build credit using secure credit card or small credit loan.

7. Apply where you bank.

8. Try for less than 30% credit utilization.

9. Include all your income.
Add third party income if you have reasonable expectations of access to it.

10. Open retail store card. If you keep balance low on multiple card, it will increase your odds.

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